Vocational Technical Teacher Training Program

In consistence with the national development objectives, the Royal Government of Cambodia as well as the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and National Technical Training Institute hold the main responsibilities in training selected university graduates to become capable and professional teachers. Doing so is to meet the demands of the training centers throughout the country which are in bad need of technical teacher to provide training courses to the Cambodian citizens to become skilled workers so that they will be able to get a job to earn money to improve their living standard as well as their communities in contribution to the national reconstruction and development.


To promote good communication and solidarity among the pedagogic students and students of all generations in order that they will be able to utilize their knowledge, skills, experience and other resources to serve the shared interests of the pedagogic students, students and the nation.


♦  To encourage the pedagogic students and students of all generations to communicate with each other and to set up an objective so as to serve their
    common benefits and those of the nation
♦  To set up a social and professional program in which they can meet to share their knowledge, skills and experience in a friendly and responsible
    manner so as to contribute to the effective development of the human resource in the country.
♦  To provide theopportunities for thepedagogic students and students of all promotions to grasp the value of solidarity and other
    commitments in order that they will be able to upgrade themselves and develop the nation.

Course Objectives

At the end of the training program, the pedagogic students will be able to:

♦   Use an appropriate teaching method;
♦   Design and develop teaching aids in response to the lesson and student needs;
♦   Utilize an appropriate pedagogical law in educating their students;
♦   Plan a lesson in consistence with the content of the lesson and students’ knowledge;
♦   Teach and manage the class in an effective and professional manner;
♦  Determine the value of professional ethics as a teacher;
♦   Educate students’ psychology;
♦  Train the trainees in an effective and efficient manner.

Director of NTTI
Name: H.E. Yok Sothy, Ph.D.
Mobile: 012 667 753
Email: yok.sothy@ntti.edu.kh

Deputy Director of Admin and Finance
Name: Mr.Mom Somach
Mobile: 012 772 828

Deputy Director of Education
Name: Mr. Meas Sarith
Mobile: 012 567 651

Deputy Director of Academic Affair
Name: Mrs. Hem Sokchan
Mobile: 012 859 901

Deputy Director of Planning Research and Innovation
Name: Mr. Tun Sorphorn
Mobile: 017 566 977