Junior & Senior Technical Program

The Length Of The Training Program

The technical teacher training program is a one-year-long program. The learning hours are divided into two categories: theories and practice. The total learning hours are 630, which equals 37 credits. 15 hours of theory study equals 1 credit and 30 hours of practice equals 1 credit respectively.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the training program, a candidate must:

♦  Be a university graduate holding an associate degree for junior technical teacher and a bachelor degree for senior technical teacher;
♦  Be Khmer;
♦  Be physically and mentally healthy;
♦  Not be a government staff/ civil servant;
♦  Be between 18 and 30 years old;
♦  Not be a used-to-be criminal

Course Structure

♦  Psychology
♦  Curriculum Development
♦  Teaching Methodology
♦  Pedagogy
♦  Teaching Aids and Computer
♦  Entrepreneurship Development
♦  Community Development
♦  Total Quality Management
♦  Professional Ethics and Administration Studies
♦  Human Anatomy
♦  Educational Philosophy
♦  Teaching Practicum

Training Materials

In a teaching process, teaching aids are the key factor to successful learning and teaching, so the teachers must always pay attention to produce and properly use the teaching aids to ensure the effective teaching. There are many kinds of teaching aids that teachers can use as many times as possible. The teaching aids available at the NTTI include:

♦  Liquid Crystal Display
♦   Overhead Projector
♦  Computer Laptop
♦  Wall chart…etc,

Teaching Methodology

Teaching methodology is a means that the teachers apply to direct the students’ activities and transfer the knowledge to the students. The teaching methodologies frequently applied at the NTTI are lecturer, group discussion, research, question and answer and presentation…etc

Assessment Methods

The students’ achievement is evaluated based on the following criteria:

♦  At least one progress test for one subject
♦  Assignment
♦  Semester examination
♦  Teaching practicum
♦  Final examination

Majors Selectd for Junior Level

  1. Auto Machines
  2. General Machines
  3. Agronomy
  4. Air-conditioning
  5. Electricity
  6. Veterinary
  7. Electronics
  8. Accounting
  9. English
  10. Civil Engineering
  11. Aquaculture

Majors Selectd for Junior Level

  1. Information technology
  2. Veterinary
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Electronics
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Management
  7. Tourism
  8. Law
  9. Architecture
  10. French
  11. Finance and Banking
  12. Economics
  13. Agricultural machinery
  14. Accounting
  15. Marketing
  16. English
  17. Agronomy
  18. Aquaculture

Director of NTTI
Name: H.E. Yok Sothy, Ph.D.
Mobile: 012 667 753
Email: yok.sothy@ntti.edu.kh

Deputy Director of Admin and Finance
Name: Mr.Mom Somach
Mobile: 012 772 828

Deputy Director of Education
Name: Mr. Meas Sarith
Mobile: 012 567 651

Deputy Director of Academic Affair
Name: Mrs. Hem Sokchan
Mobile: 012 859 901

Deputy Director of Planning Research and Innovation
Name: Mr. Tun Sorphorn
Mobile: 017 566 977