National University of Laos

The National University of Laos (NUOL) was officially established by merging the existing Higher Education Institutes which were formerly under the supervision of several Ministries into one university under the Ministry of Education in accordance to the Decree Number 50/PM of the Prime Minister of the Lao PDR

dated 9.6.1995. NUOL is a multi-campus structure, with its 8 campuses including Done Koy Campus (Sethathiraj Hospital) are scattered within a 30-Km radius of Vientiane Capital City. NUOL comprises of 11 faculties, a School of Foundation Studies, a Central Library, 6 centers and a main hospital

Since its establishment, NUOL plays important roles as indicated in its missions in providing higher education in various areas required by the socio-economic development of Lao PDR; promoting and performing research in natural and social sciences; preserving and expanding the arts, culture and traditions of the multi-ethnic nation; and finally, providing academic services to the society. NUOL is the most dynamic university in the Lao PDR in terms of human resources development for the country, it is well known for its diversity programs in Bachelor Degree; besides, some Master Degree Programs are currently conducted in various academic disciplines and it is preparing for its Doctoral Degree Programs in the near future.

Since the opening of its first academic year on the 5th November 1996, the number of the students has been increased dramatically from 8,053 including 2,170 females to more than 26,000 in the academic year 2005-2006. At present, NUOL is accepted as one of the main and important public organization in the Lao PDR, it currently employs a total number of 1,884 teaching and administrative staff including 862 females.

In order to accomplish its missions, the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is considered to be the key factor in gaining access to the outside world and promoting the effective development of other duties of the university. The application of computerization in the academic and administrative work of NUOL has been increased in numbers computer sets from its establishment of less than 100 to 1000 sets at present time, 560 of which are currently hooked up with the internet system.

Those ICT facilities are widely used systematically in its curricula, the teaching-learning activities and the training courses. They are able to assist teachers and students to have more opportunities to get access to the modern technology which as a matter of fact plays important roles as a means of teaching-learning, conducting a research and performing administrative work.

At present, the IT Center of NUOL is in the process of upgrading its ICT system in line with the First Development Plan, academic year 2004-2005. The next Development Plan (2005-2010) is under its preparation process, which includes various development key issues such as: the development of the network; Internet services; the application of the ICT technology in the teaching-learning activities, research activity as well as the planning and management NUOL.

It can be said that the development of ICT and the telecommunication of NUOL is still in its initial stage and of course there are a lot of things that have to be improved. It is therefore in crucial needs of having both the academic supports and financial assistance from all related parties within and outside NUOL. I do appreciate your continuous and valuable contribution in the development of NUOL and hope that more support and assistance will be further provided.

On this occasion I would finally like to wish all of our teaching and administrative staff, students, foreign visitors, experts and all others with good health, prosperity in your personal and family life, great success at your work.

With high regards,

Prof. Dr. Soukkongseng SAIGNALEUTH


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